Workshops and Training

CZITT has been working with students as well as teachers to educate and raise the level of awareness to climate change. We did a training session with students of various schools and also held a Climate Change Workshop for Teachers to encourage more climate change action. In the future we plan to extend these by working with other organisations.

Climate Change Workshop for Teachers

CZITT held a Climate Change Workshop for Teachers. the event was done in an effort to impart knowledge on climate change and to raise the level of awareness on the damage that climate change is doing to the Earth. This was done through presentations and breakout exercises. In addition, at the end of the Workshop, we had the teachers sign a Climate Change Pledge dedicating to take positive action against Climate Change.

Teacher after Climate Change Workshop with iCARE giveaways

Mr Prem Nandlal and his associate giving their presentation at the Climate Change Workshop for Teachers

Teachers at the Climate Change Workshop during their lunch period

Ms Fouchong of St Francois Girls’ College takes the Climate Change Pledge

Gandhi Global Solar Yatra (GGSY)

CZITT in assocation with the Indian High Commission will be conducting the Gandhi Global Solar Yatra (GGSY) Solar Project with the Top 16 Schools who participated in the National Secondary Schools Climate Quiz Season One. This workshop taught 500 students about solar power and the components of a solar power system. 50 students were selected to assemble a solar power lamp for further practical training.

GGSY Workshop Day 1

On 2019 October 02, CZITT employees visited the Top 16 Schools for the GGSY Solar Workshop Briefing. We began the information session with a greetings video from the Indian High Commission. Following that, videos on Solar Power, its importance and the components of the lamp were shown so the would have an idea of the reason for assembling the lamps and familiarise themselves with the key parts of the lamp. We also showed them a video of the actual assembly of the lamp to provide them with insight of what the day of the assembly will entail.

Miracle Ministries Pentecostal High School

ASJA Girls’ College, Charlieville

Presentation College, Chaguanas

Bishops Anstey and Trinity College East Sixth Form

Brazil Secondary School

Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College

GGSY Workshop Day 2

Students of Naparima Girls’ High School building their solar lamps

Naparima Girls’ High School students light their lamps after construction

Girls of ASJA Girls’ College, San Fernando lit their lamps after assembly

Students of ASJA Girls’ College, San Fernando assembling their lamps

Climate Leadership Academy

Spearheaded by Embassies of Costa Rica and France, and with the support of CZITT, 20 student leaders from 10 Secondary schools across Trinidad and Tobago, participated in this three day intensive programme. It focused on Leadership skills development, environmental advocacy, communication, social media pressence and other relevant topics. It concluded with participants preparing, signing and delivering a Declaration to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Trinidad and Tobago, the Honourable Brigid Annisette-George, outlining their commitments to continue environmental advocacy.