Fostering the “Carbon Neutral Generation”

Project Zero is a CZITT engagement with Secondary Schools to reduce their carbon footprint towards becoming Carbon Neutral. The project raises Awareness, promotes Advocacy and rolls out a menu of activities in the school and its community. It is intended to foster the next generation of leaders in climate action. The students participate in all stages, starting with an assessment of their carbon footprint and gaining an understanding of the contribution of Energy, Water, Waste and Vehicle emission audits and Food production. Competitions and special events are held to integrate carbon reduction into school life.

CZITT has supported one Masters student and one undergraduate in conducting their special projects on Project Zero activities.

Presentation College San Fernando and St Augustine Girls’ High School join Project Zero

CZITT collaborated with Presentation College with the vision of making their school carbon neutral. Students and staff both took part in various activities to ensure the success of the project.

Project Zero 2.0 – Carbon Reduction online

Online engagement in carbon reduction and offsetting

The closure of schools in early 2020 made physical interactions with students impossible. CZITT responded by creating an online platform for Caribbean E-Learning based on Education for Sustainable Development. CZITT also reinvented Project Zero, taking it online. The platform contains video and text based training in matters of sustainability, such as energy and water conservation, waste management, transportation efficiency and food security. Activities and competitions are being rolled out through the platform which also features 500 videos based lessons for secondary school students.

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