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Awareness Programmes

The level of understanding about the human causes of climate change and necessary actions must be rapidly ramped up. CZITT carries out awareness campaigns and we partner with organisations to increase awareness among their community.

Audits and Assessments

We work with organisations to help them to understand their carbon footprints, and we generate priority listings of operational adjustments and projects to reduce and offset their net carbon emissions.

Carbon Emissions Reduction

We work with schools, businesses, places of worship and citizens to reduce their carbon emissions. We analyse and recommend/implement changes to their energy and water usage, generation/management of waste and their carbon emissions from transportation.

Solar Power Solutions

We have partnered with major international manufacturers to offer solar power for homes, schools and SMEs. CZITT offers services in the design, supply and installation of solar and wind power systems. We also assist with financing.

Carbon Offsets and Mapping

CZITT offsets carbon generally by planting trees and mapping them in our Geographical Information System and informal Carbon Offset Register (“CORE”). We assist with analysing and documenting other offsets.

Sustainability Projects Management

At CZITT, we are happy to work with you in developing and managing projects related to Sustainability. These include sustainable housing, smart home/buildings, energy and water supply and transportation systems.