National Secondary Schools Climate Quiz

CZITT’s signature event is the Trinidad and Tobago National Secondary Schools Climate Quiz. The Preliminary round is held at participating schools. 16 competing teams of five students move on to the Finals which is an exciting game show style knockout competition. CZITT conducts special events at the 16 finalist schools, involving 10,000 students.

The Quiz focuses on climate issues and introduces leading concepts relating to energy and water, water conservation, transportation and waste management. It is broadcast in 24 Caribbean countries.

A Caribbean-wide competition is being planned.

Project Zero

A schools-based intervention designed to

prepare a generation for climate action and leadership. Project Zero embodies all of CZITT’s elements: Awareness/Advocacy, Carbon Reduction and Offsetting. CZITT works with the school on a programme to become carbon neutral. It starts with an audit of energy and water consumption as well as waste management and transportation. This leads to a set of projects and activities with measurements and evaluation. The school community (staff, students, parents, alumni and fence line community) are all involved.

Project Zero is being taken online via the CZITT E-Learning Platform

President of Trinidad and Tobago, HE Justice Anthony Carmona endorsing the Project Zero Pledge at St Augustine Girls’ High School. Looking on are Principal Mrs Linda Dharrie and CZITT Founder, Mr Donald Baldeosingh.

1000 Trees Challenge

CZITT partners with schools, corporations, clubs or communities to each plant 1000 trees. The location of each tree is mapped into a CZITT Geographic Information System (GIS) along with the details of the tree, estimated carbon sequestered and the recipient of the carbon offsets.

This information is recorded via the CZITT Carbon Offset Register (“CORE”). CZITT promotes the Moringa (locally called “Saijan”) tree in this challenge due to its rapid carbon absorption, health benefits and potential for the creation of a moringa industry.

CZITT also promotes a partnership with farmers and industry called the “Sustainable Agricultural Carbon Sink (SACS)

Brazil Secondary School in rural East Trinidad is well know for its environmental activism. It was no surprise when the school embarked on a CZITT 1000 Trees Challenge.

Climate Leadership Academy

Spearheaded by the Embassies of Costa Rica and France, and with the support of CZITT, 20 student leaders from 10 Secondary Schools across Trinidad and Tobago participated in this three day intensive programme. It focused on Leadership skills development, environmental advocacy, communication, social media presence, and other relevant topics. It concluded with the participants preparing, signing and delivering a Declaration to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Trinidad and Tobago, the Honourable Brigid Annisette-George, outlining their commitments to continue environmental advocacy.

Participants of the Climate Leadership Academy have their leadership skills and styles assessed by CZITT Founder, Mr Donald Baldeosingh and Project Coordinator, Ms Ryane Rollock

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CZITT-Ed is our response to the COVID-19 pandemic which has left hundreds of thousands of students in the Caribbean “stranded” at home and with limited opportunities to receive anything close to the level of education they deserve. We designed this platform to be part of and to lead the revolution needed in education. Accordingly we are creating the learning environment of the future – today.

The core of our content is short videos on topics covering the CSEC and CAPE syllabus which can be viewed on one’s own time. This is complemented by study guides, multiple choice and long answer quizzes, and complementary resources including live online sessions with our teachers (“Gurus”).

From the comfort and safety of your home, you will be able to view the videos, read the documents, participate in live classes, and be a part of special lectures or events. Teachers, and schools, are invited to have your own portals with your own additional material. Let us know how we can continue to grow and serve your educational needs better.







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